SAINT Connect

Connects to Existing Police Software

SAINT Connect was designed to work with any existing MDT's mobile software, such as those provided by Intergraph, Motorola, SunGard, Northrop Grumman, etc.

SAINT Connect connects to the mobile software and provides two critical features:


SAINT uses award winning technology to respond to verbal commands.  Officers no longer need to take their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel to enter license information or interact with their laptops.

SAINT Connect monitors all inbound messages coming into the MDT, and reads critical information to the officer, which allows him/her to keep their eyes on the road.  The system can intelligently deliver critical information from multiple data sources.  SAINT does not simply trigger on key words in the incoming reports.  SAINT has been taught to understand context, and pull in information from multiple systems, queries, and data sources, then report that information to the officer verbally with emphasis on what is most important based on individual department policy.

Quicker Access

Because SAINT maintains connection to multiple data systems, SAINT reduces hunting and pecking through menus, presenting the Law Enforcement Officer with the exact information needed to make critical decisions, all without his/her eyes leaving the road or the situation.

Eliminate Risk

Police officers should never be required to manipulate a laptop or mobile device while driving. In many states this is illegal, yet it remains a critical risk that officers take.

SAINT Connect is a unique solution designed to attack this problem head on. With SAINT Connect, the laptop responds to police procedure to take the appropriate action. The officer can run reports, change status, or even run NCIC searches, without needing to read small screens on the laptop. SAINT Connect responds to inbound messages, summarizes the data, and reads back key portions to the officer.

Because of its innovative design, SAINT Connect works for any police department regardless of the mobile software they are running. It increases productivity while decreasing distraction and limiting risk.  Saint saves lives.

The Only System for Law Enforcement That Reduces Liability, Boosts Efficiency, and Increases Accuracy

For many years, law enforcement agencies have invested millions of dollars in new information and technology systems, each with its own proprietary data structure and interface. NCIC, ALPR, LiNX, DMV, and MDC/MDT providers deliver the law enforcement community invaluable tools that are continuously evolving.  SAINT pulls all of these technologies together to deliver actionable information to officers that does not compromise their security.

If your department needs to reduce the liability associated with the use of technology, and could benefit from the increase in efficiency and accuracy of information, then please contact us today.