Introducing PALADIN

Point. . .Click. . .Done

PALADIN is the smartphone app that lets police officers gather subject information, feed reports, and run driver's license information from the palm of their hand with the devices they already own. PALADIN uses encryption technologies to send and receive data to and from the officer's mobile device, eliminating the need to return to the police vehicle to record or access critical data on the subject.


Never Lose Control

Situational awareness saves the lives of police officers and those around them.  It only takes a couple of seconds for a routine traffic stop to become an exception.  PALADIN greatly reduces an officer’s time collecting data on a subject.  There should never be a reason for an officer to turn and walk to his or her vehicle to access driver’s license data for a traffic stop. In that moment, the officer is vulnerable and the subject knows it.

A SAINT Connected Technology

PALAIDIN can be used as a stand-alone app to return information to the terminal in the police vehicle, or used with the SAINT Connect system to pull reports on the subject and return information to the officer’s phone, all without the officer relinquishing control of the situation.

When used with SAINT Connect, PALADIN can be configured to issue spoken or covert alerts (vibration), making the officer aware of important information returned from NCIC, LiNX, DMV, and various agency data systems. When used as a stand-alone app, PALADIN can extract data for e-ticket systems and general reporting purposes to eliminate paperwork and mistakes caused by hand-keying license information.

PALADIN is available for android devices and coming soon for iPhone. For more information, contact SAINT Police Systems at 918-796-2611