SAINT Brings Artificial Intelligence to Law Enforcement

SAINT is a rules-based artificial intelligence that can be taught to recognize, respond, and initiate actions according to department policy in response to spoken commands.  SAINT can move information from one system to another, initiate multiple queries, change status, and send messages.  SAINT does not simply alert on key-words or phrases in a report, SAINT has been taught to understand context, therefore reducing false alerts, and increasing accuracy.  SAINT is smart, and we continue to make it smarter.

Reduce Liability

Saint reduces, and in many cases eliminates the liability associated with the use of mobile devices and laptop systems while driving, during traffic stops, and while on-scene. As the name implies, Saint is there to keep officers and those around them safe, by reducing liability and increasing situational awareness.

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Boost Efficiency

By eliminating data entry into multiple disconnected systems and multiple jurisdictions, Saint greatly reduces the time necessary for officers to acquire critical information. Saint curates massive amounts of data into actionable information, and empowers officers to police more efficiently without distraction.

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Increase Awareness

Using Saint, officers are presented with more complete and accurate information about every traffic stop, suspect, vehicle and situation. By eliminating the need to enter information in diverse systems, Saint gives police departments critical tools to ensure that criminals don't slip through the cracks.

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SAINT offers special discount pricing to agencies currently using the Intergraph,  Superion Sunguard, and Motorola platforms.


Learn how SAINT Police Systems protects law enforcement officers and those around them.